In a causal phone interview with Sheriff Michael K. Neal of Monroe County in Arkansas, expressed tremendous gratitude towards TruAmor and its founder, Dave Trudeau.

“Dave has been a lifesaver”, says Sheriff Neal. “He has provided the officers in my agency with ammunition, body armor, medic kits and extensive tactical training at no charge”. “We are a small budget county and if not for Dave, my deputies would not be protected”. “I am in debt to him”, he said.

“Dave has done a lot for law enforcement on a national scale. He has donated well over $50,000 of his own money to our men and women in uniform”, said Sheriff Neal.

When asked about his thoughts on TruArmor’s revolutionary car glass protection, he said “The car armor is very exciting and will truly be a game changer for law enforcement”. I wish we can get it on every car, he said. Sheriff Neal stated that the law enforcement world is perceived as dangerous as going to war these days, “no one wants the job anymore”.

The US Government awards grants to agencies around the country which can then be used to buy body armor for our police. Sheriff Neal said, “it would be great if TruArmor could work with the US Government to award car armor grants as well.”


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