Historically, modifying a vehicle to be bullet resistant was cumbersome and expensive because of heavy and outdated window protection...

TruArmor™ is at the forefront of innovative security solutions that protect and secure your most valuable assets: your family, friends and coworkers. TruArmor™ PROTECTIVE SOLUTIONS utilizes industry-leading technology in conjunction with a unique multilayered patented glass system.

TruArmor sets the new standard of glass protection for every vehicle ever made! Our product has revolutionized the industry in providing ballistic resistant car windows at an affordable price for all!

• Lightweight
• No Modifications Needed
• Removable/Transferrable
• Easy to Install
• DOT Certified and Approved

Third Party Tested and Approved by NIJ, ANSI/UL Test Standards

Complies with all necessary testing standards such as:
• Abrasion Resistance
• Temperature Changes
• Impact Ball Drop from 20 feet
• Light Stability
• Luminous Transmittance
• Temperature Change to Minus 20 Degrees Fahrenheit

Each car window is custom made. Shipping charges vary depending on the destination country as well as the number of windows purchased. Duties and taxes also vary per country and are the sole responsibility of the buyer.



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